Your Common Questions


The main ways of online connection with us?


One can connect with us online by the next ways:

a) chart on the website

b) knobs of the Returning Call and WhatsApp on the website

c) Email:

d) Skype: semnik88

e), WhatsApp; Telegram; Viber; Line: +7(926)233-2862


Where you are?


One can see it in "About us" here:


About conditions of the selling and servicing of the devices from your website?


All devices were tested before the delivery to a customer.

Free warranty service can be only if a factory defect is detected.

Troubleshooting due to improper or illiterate use is only paid, even up to the full cost of the device in a pinch.

Always the Instructions and technical support for all our customers


The main ways of payment?


The full prepayment is as a rule.

The main ways of payment are:

a) the bank remittance in EUR, USD, RUR

b) with your credit- or debit cards.

c) MoneyGram is also possible if the sum of money is not so big

d) by cash (only where we are)


How to pay by the bank remittance?


During your order choose the bank remittance in EUR or USD as a way of payment, please.

Our business bank account data will be sent then to your Email.

If it will be needed we can give you an invoice for your bank and can edit the invoice.

After the payment give us a photo of the bank order, please, to check it.

There are no limits on sum of such remittance because we use our business bank accounts in EUR or USD


Procedure of the payment with a credit- or debit card?


One can make the payment in any currency with a credit- or debit card only with our request as a link to your Email or as SMS to your mobile phone.

The request can be sent by us mainly via the next website:

The currency of such request is only RUR (Russian Ruble) according to the recent currency rates.

The time of the action of this request is 24-72 hrs so otherwise, it will be another request

There are no limits on sum of such payment because we use our business bank account in RUR


About payment by cash and testing during the purchase of a device?


Yes, it is possible to pay by cash and to test device on the car (our- or your one) but only where we are.


The way of delivery?


Only EMS but not others (DHL, UPS, FedEx and so on) is used for delivery of the bought device.

As a rule, takes place a free EMS shipping with EMS online tracking.