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This secure Internet shopping second-hand and new auto parts and electronic devices.

We're selling auto repair parts since 1997.

We are in Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia(see the link below).

We work mainly with clients from Moscow and Moscow region, but possibly fulfilling orders from other regions of Russia, as well as abroad.

Delivery of auto parts or electronic devices couriers in Moscow and Moscow region after pre-payment.

You can own, date, and place agreed upon by phone, e-mail, or Skype.

Delivery to other regions of Russia and abroad made a customer prefers methods that are listed on the site, after 100% prepayment to the cost of delivery.

There are several methods of prepayment:
1. Cash.
2. By bank remittance in EUR, USD, or RUR.
3. By a credit- or debit card.
4. By MoneyGram if the sum of money is not so big.

When paying by USD, do not forget to transfer prices of auto parts in USD, an order that took place in the respective currency.

For doubters immediately notice that the deception of customers does not.

Phones: +7 (926) 233-2862 (WhatsApp; Viber, Telegram, Line);+7 (903) 763-8605 or Skype: SKYPEsemnik88

We are there on the map: St. Pravda,32G-98, Podolsk, Moscow reg., 142100, Russia. See point #1 on the map.

Reception Hours: 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. (Moscow time) all days except Sundays (meeting from 2 p.m. till 7 p.m. is needed to harmonize)

1. Legal name: type of ownership - IP Nikishenko M.S.
Company details: INN 503614017968, OGRNIP 315507400001660

2. Legal name: type of ownership - IP Nikishenko S.B.
Company details: INN 503600281232, OGRNIP 305507427700020

Actual address: 142100, Podolsk, Moscow region, St. Pravda, 32 G-98, Russia

The way from Moscow to the office (in Russian):

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